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--> Update - April 14, 2006 <--

Wow, 6 years since posting an update here. I've pulled this site back under the location. The copy on Stratics will remain as a snapshot of how the site was left about 6 years ago. I'm not planning on updating any further here either, but I may correct/remove some of the broken links and broken images. I've also restored the missing submitted comics. The commentaries pages are here too, but really aren't relevant this far after the fact, except as interesting historical context for the comics, perhaps. Anyway, at this point it's all in a "holding pattern"... sort of a historical archive of the site, since my UO Comics were a lot of fun back in the day, and people still trickle in and enjoy them to this day.

Me and a friend

Update - July 18, 2000

Ugh, what a long time it's been! Anyway, there were some news updates dating into March of '99 that got lost in the move to this server, but they're so old now that it hardly matters. For a comment on what's been going on here, hop on over to the Commentaries section and see today's update. I've resorted the comics to be in FORWARD order again, since the reason for reverse-order was to easily find new comics... Will there be more comics in the future? Who knows... Maybe one or two sometime.. But don't hold your breath. I think in general, this comics site has run its course, along with my enthusiasm for the game upon which it is based. However, I'm extremely happy to know that people are still reading and enjoying them! I'm still very fond of my comics, and it pleases me greatly to know that people are still benefitting from their existence. Thanks, and enjoy! (BTW- the pic on the right is of me and a friend, taken on the 4th of July weekend in '99)

Update - Feb 17, 2000
Well, I got dropped from my previous host, and in the process had to revert to an old backup of this site. Some of the updates are gone, but all the comics remain. Enjoy!

Update - March 13, 1999

The Bone Board has changed location... unfortunately the old messages couldn't be preserved, so it looks pretty darned empty... C'mon guys, go fill it up! :) The new URL for it is [update-- no longer exists!]

Update - March 5, 1999

I added a guestbook a about a week or so ago, so feel free to check it out HERE or sign it HERE. I'm also trying a different background today. I'm not sure how long I'll leave it in place. I guess it depends on how much I like it. Oh yeah, I also re-arranged everything. Enjoy! :-)

Update - February 23, 1999

I've updated the comics links near the bottom of the page. Many were dead, so I stripped those out.

Update - February 22, 1999

I've updated the annotations page to be up to date with the most recent comic strips, so be sure to check it out.

Update - January 11, 1999

I've added a new "Annotations" page, so that you can read some comments on each of the individual comic strips. It's not done yet, so I'll slowly be adding to it, but I wanted to make it available right away for your enjoyment.

Update - January 10, 1999

New comic strip today! Someone gave me some loose ideas, and it got me thinking enough to add some more stuff. Also, I added some more detail to the "Blast from the Past" page.

Update - January 9, 1999

I've added a little peek into the origins of Bones' Comics. Take a look in the comics list, near the top, and step back into time... :-)

Update - January 6, 1999

For those who didn't get the joke in comic #58, I've added an explanation to it. I suppose it won't strike everyone as funny, and that's understandable. But -I- thought it was funny. :-)

Update - January 5, 1999

New comic strip! (finally) I jsut couldn't leave the lawsuit alone, especially when you consider that I've had an on-going pseudo-plot here based on it. So check it out! Some more comments...

Well, as you can see, little has happened here in quite some time. I really need to try to get some more comics done. But anyway, to give you an idea of what I've been up to, aside from my day job, I've continued to work on my home business (The Dragon's Hoard Armory), as well as design a website for someone (Heirloom Legacies,, and I've also done some work on AT-Robots. Anyway, please feel free to stop by these sites and take a peek. Also, if you have any comics to submit, or any ideas for comic strips (good ones, that is), please feel free to drop me a line. I think it's mostly a lack of inspiration that's holding this site back, more than anything else.

Me with Halberd

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