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There are many characters portrayed in these comics. Many of them appear only once, and are thus not worthy of mention here, but there are several on-going characters that I have listed below.

In some cases there are characters that are based on real-world concepts or events in relation to UO (most notably the lawyer in the lawsuit, but also Designer Dragon, etc). In these cases, they are a conceptualization of these concepts and events, rather than specifically being representations of the people themselves. (so if you find yourself portrayed here, don't take offense!)

Of course, there are also numerous nameless counselors and GM's that appear. Names will only get attached if any particular characters become important enough to warrant it. :-)


Tis me... 'nuff said. :-)

The Skeletal Brothers, Osso & Ossis:

These two silly characters are working their way through life... er, death as best they can, making observations about life and getting mixed up in situations beyond their control. Ossis is the level-headed one, realatively anyway. Osso tends to get a bit carried away and sometimes over-reacts to things. ("osso" is italian for "bone", and "ossis" is latin for "bone").

Lord British:

Our King! Yes, that's right, he's the lord and ruler. However, he is not the same LB we all know and love! This one is twisted, corrupt, and insane. Actually, maybe it is the same one. Who knows? It's hard to know when the real one is never around. :-)

Lord Blackthorne:

He's a close friend of Lord British's, and also "second in command" in a way. He actually has little say, as he's more of a political figure, but he hopes to change that. He encourages LB's insanity.

The Guard:

Although his name hasn't been revealed yet, this guy is one of the chief guards for Lord British. He is trusted, loyal, and gets things done.

Head of State:

Although his name hasn't been revealed yet either, he is one of LB's most trusted members of his court. This guy basically deals with matters of state and resources.

The Lawyer:

No name has been revealed here either. This is the lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against Lord British. (The real one, I might add, actually e-mailed me about this, believe it or not!) :-)

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(Bones' UO Comics (C) Copyright 1998, Ed T. Toton III, All Rights Reserved)
(Unauthorized duplication prohibited)

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