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I can't be held responsible for the actions of certain characters within these comics, for they have a mind of their own! For instance, I personally do not ascribe to the same anti-virtuous behaviour Lord British is showing within. When characters do bad things, it's a statement about the character, not about my own opinions or beliefs.

Revised Feb 25, 1999

Well, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and create my own UO-based comic strip. Well, I don't think it was a bandwagon, because when I started this strip I only knew of one other. Now there are many comics sites to choose from.

I often make my jokes center around counselors, GMs, and seers. There are a few reasons for this. For one, they're easy to work with since they can be created with a simple body form and skin color, and thus don't require fiddling with items. Secondly, I think they're particularly fun to make fun of, or use to make fun of other things (and having been in the robes certainly lends some perspective). :-)

You may also notice that my style of humor can range from the bizarre, to the absurd, to the irreverent. I hope you like it. :-) These comics were not originally designed to be a "comic book" style storyline, although I have started to introduce a few on-going characters (including Lord British, Lord Blackthorne, Osso, and Ossis). Osso and Ossis are actually the "main characters", even if they don't appear all the time. I may begin to focus more on them as time progresses. While the plot may be an on-going story, the whole point of these comics is to be funny, so I try to find silly twists and turns to any storylines I introduce. Of course, there are only so many ways to get characters killed, so I try to avoid the the "talk, talk, talk, die" pattern (though I often fall back on it when in a rut). :-)

But I'll bet the real question you have is "How did you do it?" Well, here's the gist of how it goes...

What I typically do is just think up an idea, and then log into UOX or FUSE. Originally I used UOX because I could have dumb NPC's standing around that I could dress-up, but it has some serious stability problems (in fact it sometimes does something that causes the client to bring windows to its knees), so I use FUSE whenever I can. In fact, I've been using FUSE almost exclusively since strip #7. Since FUSE doesn't support NPC's yet, I have to either pose as each character and then paste them together into the scene, or paste characters in from InsideUO (which is what I often do for monsters and animals). I paste all of the text in afterwards (extracted from screenshots, and selected with transparency) and then brighten the color of it usually. Various pyrotechnics, spell effects, and even creatures I paste in later as well. This pasting technique is very important also in being able to have more than one character speaking at once, since I can only do one "line" at a time. I find many programs of use in the process, inluding InsideUO, UOX, FUSE, Paint Shop Pro (for easy cut-and-paste, extraction from screenshots, manual touch-ups, color changes, and file format conversions), and Corel Photo-Paint (for it's layering, object manipulation, some color manipulation, and transparency).

Each strip takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity, and any technical problems that arise. Usually it's only an hour or an hour and twenty minutes though. During the first week and a half since the creation of these comics, I added an average of 2 strips per day (sometimes one, sometimes 3, but usually 2). Including set-up time, and some minor planning, that was over 3 hours per day. I'm not keeping up that rate anymore, obviously. Lately, including the submitted comics, I have been posting only a few per week at best, often far less.

For information on the individual episodes, be sure to check out the "Annotations Page". Enjoy!

If you are interested in making your own comics and would like some advice, please read my "Comics Tips" and also look at the "Submission Rules" for some helpful guidelines. Since I can't teach you how to use graphics programs, and I don't have the time to explain every little detail of comics creation, please don't e-mail me with questions on this topic. They will be ignored.

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